A Flexible shaft-driven Remote and Torsionally Compliant Actuator (RTCA) for wearable robots

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Mechatronics. IF: 2.42 

Misalignment Compensation for Full Human-Exoskeleton Kinematic Compatibility: State of the Art and Evaluation

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Driving Robotic Exoskeletons Using Cable-Based Transmissions: A Qualitative Analysis and Overview

Svetlana Grosu, Laura De Rijcke, Victor Grosu, Joost Geeroms, Bram Vanderboght, Dirk Lefeber and Carlos Rodriguez-Guerrero

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Evaluation and Analysis of Push-Pull Cable Actuation System Used for Powered Orthoses

Svetlana Grosu, Carlos Rodriguez–Guerrero, Victor Grosu, Bram Vanderborght and Dirk Lefeber

Front. Robot. AI, 11 September 2018